Why the sfp transceiver not work

The failure of the sfp optical module is divided into the failure of the transmitter and the failure of the receiver. Through the analysis of the main causes of the phenomenon, the most likely problems are mainly concentrated in the following aspects:

The optical port of the 1000base SFP transceiver is contaminated and damaged

Because of the pollution and damage of the optical interface of the module, the loss of the optical link is increased, so that the optical fiber link is unreachable. The main reasons for this phenomenon are the following four points:

1. The optical port of the SFP optical module has been exposed to the environment for a long time, resulting in contamination and contamination of the SFP optical port;

2. The end face of the fiber jumper connected to the Cisco SFP-10g-sr optical module has been contaminated, and the SFP optical port has been contaminated;

3. Improper operation of the end face of the optical connector with pigtails, scratching of the finish face, etc .;

4. Use inferior fiber jumpers; pigtails, etc.

SFP optical module is damaged by ESD

The full name of ESD is: ElectroStatic Discharge is "electrostatic discharge", ESD is inevitable, a very fast process. The rise time can be less than 1ns (one billionth of a second) or even a few hundred ps (1ps = one hundred and one billionth of another). ESD can generate tens of Kv / m or even stronger electromagnetic pulses. Static electricity can attract dust, change the impedance between the lines, and affect the function and life of the SFP optical module. The heat generated by the ESD's instantaneous electric field or current can also injure the components. Although it can still work in the short term, its life offers been affected; even the insulation or conductors of the components are damaged, making the components inoperable (completely destroyed). Therefore, in addition to improving the anti-ESD capability of electronic components, it is more important to operate correctly during use

The primary factors causing ESD damage:

A. The use environment is dry, and it is easy to produce ESD;

B. Illegal procedure of SFP optical modules , such as: SFP optical modules are often operated with electricity;directly touch the static sensitive pins of SFP optical modules without electrostatic protection ; there is no anti-static packaging during module transportation and storage;

C. The active optical fiber equipment is not grounded or has poor grounding;